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A bold step towards Innovation


A bold step towards innovation: the new e-commerce portal

In the dynamic and quickly evolving world of e-commerce, Samauto S. p. A. has proven to be a company ready to take on bold challenges and embrace innovation. Thanks to the collaboration with TeamSystem solutions and the partner Infor 2000 System Integrator in Bari, together with the B2B platform of Rsoft Milan, Samauto has created a new e-commerce portal that opens up new paths for business.

A bold investment in Innovation

The implementation of an e-commerce portal is a courageous step for Samauto S. p. A. At a time when digitalization has become a determining factor for business success, the company has proved to be courageous enough to abandon old conventions and embrace innovation. This investment underscores Samauto’s determination to keep pace with the times and to provide advanced solutions to its customers.

A successful cooperation

The new e-commerce portal of Samauto S. p. A. is the result of a well-coordinated collaboration between several first-rate software agencies. TeamSystem and Infor 2000 System Integrator from Bari have worked side by side to provide cutting-edge technology solutions, allowing Samauto to achieve a user-friendly e-commerce experience that meets customer expectations.

The partnership with Rsoft in Milan has allowed the implementation of a state-of-the-art B2B solution, customized to the specific needs of Samauto. This collaboration has demonstrated the importance of an integrated and synergistic approach to achieving outstanding results in technological innovation.

The recipe:  skills and synergy

The most impressive aspect of Samauto’s e-commerce project is the ability of the software houses involved to work synergistically to achieve a common goal. The synergy between the skills of TeamSystem, Infor 2000 System Integrator and Rsoft was key to the success of the new portal. These companies have proven to be true leaders in their field, able to adapt to the specific needs of Samauto and offer customized and cutting-edge solutions.

A confident glance to the future

The implementation of an e-commerce portal marks a new chapter in the evolution of Samauto S.p. A. This bold step reflects the company’s desire to embrace innovation and provide better solutions to its customers. The successful cooperation with TeamSystem, Infor 2000 System Integrator and Rsoft shows that Samauto is ready to face the future with confidence, keeping walking out of the ordinary paths .

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