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A Sustainable Future Powered by the Sun of Puglia


Samauto S. p. A. , a leading company in automotive aftermarket and logistics, proves everyday its tangible commitment to environmental sustainability. By implementing a large-scale photovoltaic system, the company is not only reducing energy costs, but also reducing carbon emissions. This system, composed of 253 modules 400Wp each and with a total power of 100 kWp, has transformed the battery charging room into an eco-friendly area powered entirely by the sun of southern Italy, in the beautiful region of Puglia.

A Determining step towards clean energy

The use of renewable energy has become a priority in an increasingly environmentally sensitive world. Samauto S. p. A. is proving to be a pioneer in this field, not only by providing high quality services, but also adopting sustainable solutions. The installation of a photovoltaic system of this dimensions reflects the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and contributing to the transition to a more sustainable future.

Economics and environmental Pros

The adoption of a photovoltaic system not only underlines the environmental commitment of Samauto, but also presents tangible benefits. The possibility of using solar energy allows the company to significantly reduce energy costs, freeing up resources that can be invested in other initiatives. At the same time, the use of solar energy helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and plays an active role in the fight against climate change.

Clean energy from the over 100 neighbouring territories

The choice to use the sun of southern Italy, in the wonderful region of Apulia, proves Samauto’s pride for its roots and its territory. The beauty of Puglia and its wealth of solar resources provide the ideal conditions to exploit solar energy. Samauto is literally taking energy from the land around and putting it at the service of a greener future.

Samauto: A Model of Sustainability

The commitment of Samauto S.p.A. in adopting renewable energies and reducing emissions is an example to be followed by companies in all sectors. It shows that even in the world of automotive aftermarket and logistics, it is possible to operate sustainably and responsibly. Samauto is laying the foundation for a greener future, where businesses can thrive without harming the planet.

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