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A Strong and Lasting Bond

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In the world of automotive aftermarket, logistics and successful business partnerships, few stories shine as bright as that of Samauto S.p.A. The company has continued to strengthen its position in its field, demonstrating once again its reliability and commitment to excellence. Samauto S.p.A. proudly announces that it will once again be Ducati’s Official Supplier for the year 2023

A strong and lasting bond

For years, Samauto S.p.A. has collaborated with Ducati, an iconic motorcycle company renowned for its performance and eye-catching design. This partnership is not only an alliance between two brands, but also represents the union of complementary skills to achieve common goals. The confirmation of Samauto as Ducati’s Official Supplier for 2023 underlines the strength of this bond and the mutual trust between the two companies

At service of operations excellence

The relationship between Samauto and Ducati is based on the sharing of core values, such as precision, attention to detail and customer orientation. Samauto provides Ducati with advanced logistics solutions that contribute to efficient supply chain management and timely delivery of critical components. This support is crucial for the smooth operation and quality that Ducati customers claim.

Synergy between Tradition and innovation

Both companies are leaders in their respective fields, but they are also highly oriented to innovation. Ducati is known for its cutting edge bikes, while Samauto is at the cutting edge of automotive aftermarket and logistics optimization. This synergy between innovation and tradition is one of the reasons why the partnership between the two companies has proved so fruitful and lasting over the years.

Looking to the future with determination

The announcement that Samauto S. p. A. remains Ducati’s Official Supplier for 2023 is an acknowledgement of past successes and a commitment to the future. Both companies are driven by passion and determination in the pursuit of excellence. This partnership continues to show that when companies join their forces and resources, they can achieve outstanding results.

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